Home Schedule E + 1.0.2 for Windows 10


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Schedule Home is a program that facilitates the creation of the holiday plan for the calendar year in the company and streamline compliance schedule for employees and their acceptance by the supervisor. The Rector has the flexibility to define the working calendar by editing the list of public holidays. The program simplifies the holiday planning and organizing work according to a schedule of work and leave. Key features: Graphical calendar indicating the possibility of a simple vacation days. Clear editor holidays. The determination of national public holidays. The loading calendar days off from an external file. The division of workers into teams. Editing and analysis of leave by the teams. Graphical preview of the full holiday schedule of the entire company or division into teams. Printing the holiday schedule for the indicated month. Print the list of designated employees leave. Control of the number of selected days of leave in relation to the length of leave available. Schedule home created and edited by a superior (in the main program). Create and store your holiday schedule of the entire company in a single database. The possibility of editing individual holiday plans for each employee on an exchange basis, and edit files that store zezwnętrznych holiday plans. Easy installation and distribution tool for workers Editor holiday PL + Plan so that employees do not need to install and configure the main program on their computers. There must also have access to the network. Secure your individual holiday plans password. The ability to handle the main program by many people at the same time - working on the network. Lifetime license to use the program.